Possible Directions of Development for Correction Aids of Ship Navigation Complexes. P. I. Maleyev, Y. G. Khlypalo. – Navigation and Hydrography. – 2016. – No. 43. – Р. 7–12.

The positive and negative sides of the existing correction aids of ship navigation complexes and possibilities of their improvement are considered. Special attention is paid to correction aid using the Earth¢s gravitation field. It is shown that to increase its accuracy it is expedient to go over from the “mechanical”, suspension of the drive shaft of gravimeter to electrostatic or magnetic one and to use the aids measuring the absolute speed of the object using the magnetic field of the Earth as well.

Key words: navigation complex, aids of correction, radionavigation systems, gravimetric systems, system based on the field of relief and responders.

Development of the Aids to Navigation of the Russian Federation Nearshore Zone in Accordance with the Navigation Concept. E. P. Gladskikh, V. N. Kostin, V. A. Maksimov, Y. M. Repin. – Navigation and Hydrography. – 2016. – No. 43. – Р. 13–21.

The problems of implementation of IMO and IALA decisions for further development of aids to navigation in accordance with e-Navigation concept are considered. The ways of this development based on the technology of Automatic Information System (AIS) are shown.

Key words: e-Navigation, Automatic Information System (AIS), equipment «АИС-СНО», information message.

The Legal Basis for Design of the Concept of Program and Special-Purpose Planning and Management of Development of Navigation-Hydrographic and Hydrometeorological Means of Support for the Navy in «GNINGI» OJSC. D. S. Golygin. – Navigation and Hydrography. – 2016. – No. 43. – Р. 22–27.

One of the possible approaches to legal basis used to form the concept of program and special-purpose planning of development of navigation-hydrographic and hydrometeorological means of support for the Navy under the conditions of the strategic control over the scientific and production activities of «GNINGI» OJSC, is considered.

Key words: program and special-purpose planning, legal basis, legal hydrometeorological support for the Navy, legal reglamentation, forces and means of navigation-hydrographic and hydrometeorological support for the Navy, scientific-production activities, strategic
control, GNINGI.

The Method of Predicting the Sea Level. E. V. Fedorova, Y. N. Zhukov, R. A. Ismailov. – Navigation and Hydrography. – 2016. – No. 43. – Р. 28–34.

The employment of the autoregression method to predict the sea level for the water areas with insignificant tidal variations is substantiated. The results of calculations are presented for the coastal sea level stations Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Onega and Seyakha.

Key words: sea level, autoregression.

Information-Reference System for Natural Environment Parameters of the Barents Sea. K. G. Stavrov, O. A. Gasnikov, V. I. Guseva. – Navigation and Hydrography. – 2016. – No. 43. – Р. 35–41.

The description of the electronic information system for hydrographic and geophysical fields of the Barents Sea («Баренц ГЕО») is presented. The system was developed in the ArcGIS programming complex. This system allows to increase the effectiveness of employment and account of navigation-hydrographic conditions of the Barents Sea when solving the various problems of navigation-hydrographic support for maritime activities and can be recommended to be used as a prototype when creating the electronic information-reference systems based on the parameters of the natural environment of various water areas of the World ocean.

Key words: information-reference systems, geoinformation technology, geoinformation layer, geophysical fields, hydrographic data, geophysical data, the Barents Sea.

Provision of Submarine Relief Survey and Navigation Safety by Vertical Datum. E. S. Zubchenko, A. M. Sharkov. – Navigation and Hydrography. – 2016. – No. 43. – Р. 42–49.

The review of the governing documents that regulate the provision of vertical datum for the submarine relief survey is presented. The promising directions of explorations in the sphere of survey by vertical datum when charting the sea and ocean water areas in the interests of navigation-hydrographic support for the Navy are shown.

Key words: submarine relief, vertical datum, level(ling) network, the lowest theoretical level.

Results of Comparison of Methods Used for Tide Harmonic Analysis. E. V. Fedorova, Y. N. Zhukov. – Navigation and Hydrography. – 2016. – No. 43. – Р. 50–56.

The results of predictions of tide level variations by the constants obtained using the methods of Darwin, Doodson and the least squares, are presented. The calculations for the Barents Sea, the White Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk show that the method of Darwin is the least effective.

Key words: harmonic analysis, tides, methods.

Methodic Aspects of Meteorologic Fields Restoration in Complex Employment of Radiolocation and Aerosynoptic Observations Data. I. E. Kuznetsov, R. E. Pervezentsev. – Navigation and Hydrography. – 2016. – No. 43. – Р. 57–63.

The method of meteovalues fields restoration (using the fields of meteorological range, visibility and cloud base height as an example) employing the model of the optimum linear filter, is considered.

Key words: forecast(ing), method(s), model, filtration, observations, aviation, effectiveness.

Scientific-Methodic Apparatus for Identification of Dangerous Weather Phenomena of Convective Origin by Radar Images. I. E. Kuznetsov, R. E. Pervezentsev. – Navigation and Hydrography. – 2016. – No. 43. – Р. 63–69.

Based on the textural analysis of radar image of meteoobject of models of neuron networks, an approach enabling to mark out the areas of dangerous weather phenomena is proposed.

Key words: meteoobject, analysis, texture, segment, dangerous weather phenomena.

On the Occasion of the 150-th Anniversary of the Russian Technical Society. History of the Russian Technical Society and activities of the section «Marine Navigation, Hydrography, Geophysics and
Hydrometeorology» of Academician A. N. Krylov STS of Shipbuilders.
P. I. Maleyev. – Navigation and Hydrography. – 2016. – No. 43. – Р. 70–73.

The brief history of development and the main problems solved by the Russian scientific society for the period of 150 years and the results of the activities of the section of this society, “Marine Navigation, Hydrography, Geophysics and Hydrometeorology” are presented. Their contribution in development of science and technology of our country is shown.

Key words: scientific technical society, section, scientists, seminar, research staff, report.