Journal "Navigation and Hydrography"

Publishing Organisation

The State Research Navigation-Hydrographic Institute (GNINGI JSC).
Beginning from 1995 GNINGI JSC publishes the journal “Navigation and Hydrography” four times a year. The journal is distributed by subscription and is also for sale. In addition, it is sent to scientific-technical centers, research organizations, major libraries of Russia.

We invite you to submit the papers for publication in our journal. 


The articles published in the journal cover the results of various explorations in the fields of navigation, hydrography, oceanography, hydrometeorology, marine cartography, marine geophysics, and ecology. The conceptual scientific ideas are set forth, the results of the latest theoretical investigations are published. The journal makes its readers familiar with the advanced technical achievements, materials of symposia, conferences, and chronicle of the most important events of the scientific life of the Institute.

V. M. Smolin, CandSc, Director General, GNINGI JSC
Editorial Board
A. A. YakushevCandSc, Director General, GNINGI JSC 
P. I. Maleyev, DSc, science editor, leading researcher, GNINGI JSC;
I. Y. Bugrova, editor, CandSc, associated professor, Department of Sedimentary Geology, Institute of Earth Sciences, St. Petersburg State University;
V. Y. Bakhmutov, the issue manager, CandSc, chief of Research Oceanographic Center, GNINGI JSC;
E. S. Zubchenko, DSc, professor, professor of the N. G. Kuznetsov Naval Academy;
A. I. Ismailov, DSc, professor, chief of division, GNINGI JSC;
V. F. Katenin, DSc, professor, scientific secretary, GNINGI JSC;
S. I. Mastryukov, DSc, leading researcher, GNINGI JSC;
N. N. Neronov, DSc, professor, chief researcher, GNINGI JSC;
V. G. Peshekhonov, DSc, Acad. RAS, General Director of Concern CSRI Elektropribor, JSC;
K. G. Stavrov, DSc, professor, chief researcher of Research Oceanographic Centre, GNINGI JSC;
A. M. Sharkov, CandSc, chief of Research Department of Hydrography, Geophysics and Hydrometeorology, GNINGI JSC;
G. G. Shchukin, DSc, professor, leading researcher, GNINGI JSC;
Rules of Submission, Review and Publication of Scientific Articles
The articles submitted to the editorial board are reviewed and edited. The reviews is appointed by the Editor-in-Chief of the journal or his deputy. The reviewers are carried out by the leading scientists of GNINGI JSC who published the materials on the topics of the reviewed article during three last years. When necessary, the scientists of the other educational institutions can be invited for reviewing. The reviewer presents his opinion in the written form: he evaluates the actuality of the theme, novelty and reliability of the obtained results, their theoretic and practical importance, points out the drawbacks and gives recommendations for their elimination. At the end, the reviewer draws a conclusion on the advisability of publishing the article in the journal.
The submitted articles and the reviews are considered and discussed at the meetings of the editorial board. The meetings of the editorial board is considered to be competent if no less than 70% of its members are present. The replacement of the editorial board member by his representative is allowed in result of the personal application of the member replaced and agreement of the Editor-in-Chief.
Decision on approval or refusal is taken by the majority of voices of the members. With equal numbers of voices, the voice of the Editor-in-Chief is decisive. When refusing the publication, the editorial board is to send the motivated refusal with the copy of the review to the author. Besides, the reviews can be sent to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation when receiving the corresponding inquiry. The reviews for the submitted articles must be kept at the editorial board of the journal during 5 years.
Information for the Authors
The articles should be submitted in MS Word format for Windows, accompanied by the typed copy of the article (type size 14, 1.5-spaced lines). All the materials should be signed by the author(s).
The materials sent by e-mail should be submitted in the form of files attached to the letter.
The size of the article should not exceed 0.5 author’s sheet (20000 characters), including the figures, tables, and bibliographic references. The title of the article should reflect, in the most concise form, its contents.
The article should have an abstract containing not more than 150 words. The author(s) should provide the following information: full name, full name of the institution where the author(s) work, the postal and electronic addresses, telephone numbers. The abstract and the information about the author(s) are provided in separate files.
For formulas and symbols used in them the formula editor MS Word for Windows should be employed. The values and measurement units used in the article should correspond to the International System of Units, SI.
Figures are provided in a separate file in .bmp, .jpg or .gif formats with resolution up to 300 DPI. All figures should have the consecutive numbers and captions. The graphics files should not contain more than one figure.
Tables should have the consecutive numbers and captions. The length of a line in the tables with Arial type, size 9, should not exceed 140 mm. The tables with the line length at the above-mentioned type greater than 145 mm should be vertically-oriented.
The bibliographic references are provided in the language of the original (with the exception of the languages with hieroglyphic spelling) in the order the references are used in the text. References in the text are given in square brackets and contain their number in the list of the references. The bibliographic references should include the surname and initials of the authors, full title of the book or article, title of the collection, city, publishers, year, volume, number, page(s).
Address of the Editorial Board
41 Kozhevennaya liniya, St. Petersburg, I99106, Russia
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