Konstantin G. Stavrov

Position: Principal Researcher, the Research Oceanographic Center of the State Research Navigation-Hydrographic Institute (GNINGI), St. Petersburg, Russia.

Education, scientific degrees and titles:

Professor, 2009
Doctor of Engineering, 2007
Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Ecology, Man and Nature Protection Sciences, 2000
Senior researcher, 1989
PhD in physics and mathematics, Leningrad State University, 1987
Specialist degree in geophysics, Leningrad State University, 1973

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1973 - 2002: researcher; senior researcher; head of laboratory at the State Research Navigation-Hydrographic Institute.
2002 - 2018: chief specialist; head; director of the Research Oceanographic Center of the State Research Navigation-Hydrographic Institute.
2018 - present: principal researcher of the Research Oceanographic Center of the State Research Navigation-Hydrographic Institute.

Research field:

Navigational - hydrographic and hydrometeorological support of maritime activities. Research and development for creation of automated information systems and marine geospatial data banks. Hydrographic and geophysical research for justification of the outer limit of the Russian continental shelf in the Arctic and the Okhotsk sea.

Field experience: Member and head of more than 10 Oceanographic expeditions.


Number of publications – more than 160 articles and scientific reports, 20 patents.

Selected publications:

  1. Demin B. N., Stavrov K. G., Semevskij R. B. About the possibilities for the study of magnetic fields of sea waves using towed magnetometers. Geomagnetism and Aeronomy. -1978. 18. 3. pp. 38-42. In Russian.
  2. Kalinin V. A., Palamarchuk V. K., Stavrov K. G. Geophysical monitoring as the basis of design management and operating mode of the strategically important and environmentally hazardous facilities in coastal areas of the North-western region. Navigation and hydrography. -2001. 12. -pp. 139-144. In Russian.
  3. Stavrov K. G. Score capabilities for underwater seismic signals on the background noise of the marine environment to predict tsunamis. Navigation and hydrography. -2006.  20/21. pp. 127-133. In Russian.
  4. Alekseev S. P., Sherstjankin P. P., Stavrov K. G. Computer Bathymetric Map of the Lake Baikal. Reports of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Sciences. -2006. 4. Part 2. Geochemistry, geophysics, marine science, geography. pp. 564-574. In Russian.
  5. Zubchenko E. S., Oparin A. B., Stavrov K. G. Metrological provision of hydrographic, oceanographic and geophysical studies of the marine environment and ocean floor. Trudy GOIN Roshydromet. -2007. 210. pp. 318-331. In Russian.
  6. Alekseyev S. P., Nesterov N. A., Stavrov K. G. The Arctic Ocean as the Area of Application for the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (1982): Scientific Aspects. Abstracts. International Conference "Morphology and Geological Nature of Deep Seabed and Submarine Elevations in the Arctic Basin: Controversial Scientific Issues in Context of UNCLOS/Article 76". St. Petersburg, 2003.
  7. Glumov I.F., Morozov A.F., Kostenich A.V., Stavrov K.G. et al. Delineation of the Outer Limits of the Russian Federation Continental Shelf in the Arctic Ocean by the Conventional Criterion: 60 Miles from the Foot of the Continental Slope. Bathymetric Survey Preliminary Results. Abstracts. Workshop on Scientific Issues on Geomorphological and Plate Tectonic Reconstructions in the Arctic Ocean and its Implications for Submissions according to UNCLOS Article 76. Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), November 15-16, 2011. Denmark. 2011.
  8. Glumov I. F., Kostenich A. V., Zenkov A. F., Stavrov K. G. et al. Technology, Equipment and preliminary results of Rosnedra expeditions Arctic-2010 and Arctic -2011 for determination of the foot of the slope (FOS) in the Arctic basin. Abstracts. The International Scientific Workshop on Extended Continental Shelf in the Arctic. University of New Hampshire’s Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping, from the 6th to the 8th of November 2012, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. USA. 2012.
  9. Kostenich A. V., Zenkov A. F., Stavrov K. G. et al. Results of 2010-2011 Hydrographic Surveys in the Central Arctic Ocean. Abstracts. The International Scientific Workshop on Extended Continental Shelf in the Arctic. Norwegian Petroleum Directorate 4 – 6 November 2013, Stavanger. Norway. - 2013.
  10. Bolshev A. S., Gasnikov O. A., Stavrov K. G., Shhinek K. N. Simulation of scenarios of the interoperability icebergs with the oil and gas platforms to the conditions of the Barents Sea. Proceedings of XII all-Russian Conference "Applications of hydroacoustics and hydrophysics" (GA-2014). -SPb: Nauka, 2014. In Russian.
  11. Kostenich A. V., Stavrov K. G., Zenkov A. F. Creation of digital models of bottom topography for mapping the Arctic basin shelf. 13-th International Conference and exhibition for oil and gas resources development of the Russian Arctic and the continental shelf of the CIS countries (RAO/CIS Offshore 2017), 2017. In Russian.
  12. Stavrov K. G. International cooperation in Hydrographic research in the Arctic: the theory and practice. Navigation and Oceanography. - 2017. 47. pp. 33-42. In Russian.
  13. Kostenich A. V., Stavrov K. G. Zenkov A. F. Providing jurisdiction and improving the efficiency of Russia maritime activities in the Arctic on the basis of modern digital models of bottom topography and morphometric parameters of the Arctic Ocean using the heterogeneous data processing. The First Saint-Petersburg Arctic Congress “Arctic – the association competencies territory”, 2.03.2018. St. Petersburg - KGNC, 2018. In Russian.

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